Agri-food industry is facing a serious problem all over the world with the pressing issue on global shortage of food and lack of skilled labor. Agricultural robotics, known as AGRIBOTS, are seen as one of the key trends that will deeply influence agriculture in 2019.

With that in mind, we introduced to you the theme and mission for STEAM International Challenge 2019 :



According to Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), Robotics and automation can play a significant role in society meeting 2050 agricultural production needs. For six decades robots have played a fundamental role in increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost of industrial production and products. In the past twenty years, a similar trend has started to take place in agriculture, with GPS- and vision-based self-guided tractors and harvesters already being available commercially. 

More recently, farmers have started to experiment with autonomous systems that automate or augment operations such as pruning, thinning, and harvesting, as well as mowing, spraying, and weed removal. In the fruit tree industry, for example, workers riding robotic platforms have shown to be twice as efficient as workers using ladders. Advances in sensors and control systems allow for optimal resource and integrated pest and disease management. This is just the beginning of what will be a revolution in the way that food is grown, tended, and harvested.

The mission of the Agricultural Robotics and Automation (A.G.R.A.)is to promote research, development, innovation, and standardization in robotics and automation to enable safe, efficient, and economical agricultural production. AGRA is a farm robot that supports modular attachment for it to achieve its farming goals.



Competition date: 24th November 2019

Language: English

Venue: GuangZhou, China

Closing of Registration: 24th October 2019

Registration Fees for EV3 per team:
(per team of 2-3 participants)
1. EV3 Apprentice (age 6-9) USD270
2. EV3 Veteran (age 9-12) USD270
3. EV3 Expert (age 11-18) USD360

Registration Fees for VEX per team:
(per team of 2-3 participants)
1. VEX IQ Low Elementary (age 6-9) USD270
2. VEX IQ High Elementary (age 9-12) USD270
3. VEX IQ Low Secondary (age 12-15) USD270
4. VEX IQ High Secondary (age 16-18) USD360


Robotics competitions are held annually at the regional, state, and national levels, and culminated with the finals at the STEAM International Challenge in the selected host country.








IR2019_Randomisation Announcement Video

International Robothon Randomisation Announcement

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Fruit Tree

Seeding Chamber

EV3 Apprentice Face Front A – Mid, B – Mid,
C – Mid, D – Mid
H1 – 0, H2 – 0, H3 – 0,
H4 – 4
EV3 Veteran Face Front A – High, B – High,
C- Low, D – Low
H1 – 0. H2 – 0, H3 – 2,
H4 – 2
EV3 Expert Face Front A – Mid, B – Mid,
C – High, D – Low
H1 – 2, H2 – 1, H3 – 0,
H4 – 1
VEX Low Elementary Face Front A – High, B – High,
C –High, D – High
H1 – 0, H2 – 0, H3 – 0,
H4 – 4
VEX High Elementary Face Front A – Mid, B – Mid,
C – High, D – High
H1 – 2, H2 – 0, H3 – 2,
H4 – 0
VEX Low Secondary Face Right A – High, B – High,
C – Mid, D – Mid
H1 – 1. H2 – 2, H3 – 0,
H4 – 1
VEX High Secondary Face Left A – Mid. B – Mid,
C – Low, D – High
H1 – 2, H2 – 0, H3 – 0,
H4 - 2


IR2019_Randomisation Announcement Video on OneDrive





Address:GuangZhou, China